September 22, 2015

The Perfect Homecoming Step 1: The Date

Homecoming /noun/: an overrated event in which one couple spends weeks in preparation spending much too much money on the perfect dress, accessories, and shoes, crying over trying to find a date, blowing tons of money on a nice dinner, only to jump around in a sweaty gym with lots and lots of freshmen...

As the first few weeks of Junior Year fly by, it seems like I am constantly faced with questions about homecoming this Saturday the 26th. Who are you taking? (I go to an all-girls private school in Milwaukee, and our homecoming is before the all-boys school close by, so us girls must always ask first.) What does your dress look like? How are you doing your hair? Where are you going for dinner?

The first part of the crazy mess that is homecoming is the date. There are lots of criteria when it comes to the perfect date, so here are some tips to make sure you make the right choice:

1. Try to go with someone you are close to. This way, you can have a good time and be comfortable with them. You do not want to be stuck with a date you barely know and have to worry the whole time if they're having a good time. 

2. If you can't find the perfect guy, go with a group of friends! Although I've never done this myself, I can promise that going with a group of your closest friends rather than some random guy is undoubtedly more fun and stress-free. Buy each other flowers and take lots of pictures!

{Side note: if you are a girl at a co-ed school DO NOT think it's weird to ask a guy! It's not as terrifying as it seems, I promise. If you want to go with someone, just go for it!)

3. Figure out a cute way to ask them! When in  doubt, go with food! Try to make a funny pun out of it somehow involving the word homecoming. Here are some ideas (although they are slightly overused)

  • I donut want to go to homecoming without you!
  • I know this is cheesy, but will you go to homecoming with me? (use pizza or cheese if you want lol)
  • It'd be sweet to go to homecoming with you! (use any sort of sweet treat!)
  • I'm just gonna wing it…hoco? (use chicken wings) 
This year, I decided to ask one of my closest guy friends. Here is how I asked him: 

And (luckily) he said YES

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